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ZeroMQ Workshop

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Termíny: 5. prosinec 2016

začátek: 09:00 hod.
konec: 18:00 hod.
Pořadatel akce: Michal Vyskočil
Michal Vyskočil
Místo konání: Bořivojova 2380, 252 63 Roztoky, Česká Republika
Eaton European Innovation Center

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Location and schedule

Eaton European Innovation Center

Bořivojova 2380, 252 63 Roztoky, Česká Republika

Find us on the map: https://www.openstreetmap.org/query?lat=50.16019&lon=14.36961


·         1st day - 5 December 2016(Monday)

·         2nd day - 6 December 2016(Tuesday)

·         3rd day - 7 December 2016(Wednesday)


How to get here by Public transport


  • These buses leave approximately every 30 minutes and visit the Podbaba bus stop and train station along theway.
  • You can look at Prague MHD (public transport system) connections, times and relevant ticket prices a thttp://spojeni.dpp.cz/
  •  By bus: Use bus lines 340 or 350 from station Dejvická in Prague city to bus stop Rozcesti Žalov in the town of Roztoky, then go forward a couple of blocks passing the gasstation.
  • These buses leave approximately every 30 minutes and visit the Podbaba bus stop and train station along theway.
  • Note that this is an out-of-city route, you'd need a 40Kc ticket (valid for 2 hours as a bonus) from Dejvicka or another starting position in thecity.
  • If you have accommodations in Prague 6 district and leave from the Podbaba bus stop or even further along the road from the city center, an 18Kc ticket shouldsuffice.

·         By train and foot (for fans of tracking): You can walk up fromthe Roztoky-Žalov trainstation

this is approximately an 80-meter rise over a kilometer-long walk, and it would take you about 15 minutes to get here from the train. Once you get up to the crossroads with the bus stop Rozcesti Žalov, turn right and then go forward a couple of blocks passing the gas station. Showers are available in our building;)

  • For the trip you would take the S4 train line leaving Prague from Masarykovo Nadrazi directed to Kralupy or Usti nad Labem, passing Nadrazi Podbaba a couple of kilometers from the Dejvicka busstop.
  • The trains go at least every hour during the day, or 30 minutes in peak times (or even more often early in themornings).
  • When leaving from minor stations, such as Podbaba or Roztoky-Žalov, you can buy tickets from the controller staff in the train. For a major train station with a building and ticket office, such as Masarykovo Nadrazi or Roztoky central, make sure to either use the 40Kc Prague public transport ticket validated in a yellow box on the platform (or in a bus/metro/tram on an earlier leg of your trip), or buy a ticket at the station office -- the controllers take surcharge for selling tickets on-board if you leave from a station with a ticketoffice.


Registration and Cost

Entry is free. Seats are limited, so first come - first served.

To register, just write an email to MichalVyskocil@Eaton.com with a subject WORKSHOP.

Workshop Format

The workshop is a unique opportunity to learn ZeroMQ skills. It follows the model developed by Pieter Hintjens for many ZeroMQ workshops.

Each year we take a theme and work towards that using an organic contract-driven process. The theme for 2016 is (to be selected):

Reliable SERVICE pattern for malamute

Requirements for Participants

You should pre-install (preferably compile from Git heads of respective projects at https://github.com/zeromq/):



...and/or implementations in various languages.

You would also need the common opensource development suite of compiler (we use GCC 4.8+), make (we use GNU make), the GNU autotools/automake/autoconf/m4 stack, (optionally) asciidoc to build manpages, etc. If you compile the Git heads above by yourself, you'd probably have the needed toolkits on your system by now :-)

We drive the hackathon with simple RFCs to set up "contracts" for protocols and interaction of components, pull requests, and a collection of projects that talk together. This is the same process we use in the ZeroMQ community. Be morally prepared to not "own" the bits of code, and for the training projects to evolve rapidly and perhaps not in the direction you intended when committing just a minute ago ;)

The more you already know about ZeroMQ and related projects in its ecosystem -- the better. If you are a full beginner, you will have to tag along with others for a while.

Bring your laptop, with ZeroMQ installed and working in your favorite language.

Program / Harmonogram

Main event is from 9am to 6pm, participants are welcome to arrive earlier. An access code will be provided. Refreshments and snacks will be provided.

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